• Metal moulding
  • Metal moulding


The strengths of Metalpress are metal moulding, drawing and deep drawing, that are achieved thanks to 4 phase mechanical and hydraulic presses.
Metalpress does not follow standard methods, rather, more appropriately, the best suited method to meet the requirements of the customer.

The sheet processing involves the use of:

  • - Mechanical and hydraulic presses from 35 to 1200 tons. and CNC machines
  • - Robot feeders for loading / unloading
  • - Flanging and trimming machines
  • - CN power lines for up to 1 meter wide coils.
  • - Cutting Machines for disks up to 1200 mm

Raw material used: stainless steel, galvanized steel, carbon steel, coated steel and prepainted steel, aluminum, alloys, brass, duplex.

Tools production

Upon request Metalpress builds tools. Thanks to highly specialized employees Metalpress provides a complete and competent service to customers. The construction of the die, as well as its assembly requires skilled technical expertise to implement production. High quality equipment and continuous quality checks ensure that the final product will comply to the expected requirements.