Metalpress is specialized in producing bottoms. Metalpress fulfills the requirements of DIN 28011 and DIN 28013 for decinormal-torispherical and pseudo-elliptic bottoms, also known as Type D and Type E.

Metalpress can produce bottoms for metal containers or for any other particular designed by the customer.

The range offers multiple sizes suitable for a variety of environments (solar thermal power, food and beverage, sanitation and heating etc). Among the most significant work that can be carried out by Metalpress, there are central and side holes, as well as flared holes.
Another option are flanges, available either standard or customized. The perfect anchorage of the flanges to the convex bottom is ensured by accurate control processes during their production.

The company catalogue includes the following types of bottoms / processes:

  • Bottoms type D (DIN 28011) and E (DIN 28013)
  • Drilling, flaring, turning, flanging and beading

Raw materials:

  • Stainless steel,
  • Galvanized steel,
  • Carbon steel,
  • Aluminium and aluminum alloys
  • Duplex

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