Added values

TTM Decrease

Tailor made solutions

High-precision and flexible
manufacturing system

Kanban system implementation

Tnterchange and technology
transfer from sector
to sector

Intelligent solutions

The technical team of Metalpress analyzes the opportunities of improvement of pressed products thanks to its experience and to a wide range of case histories collected in the course of time. In addition, the background arising from various business sectors supplied allows Metalpress to apply technologies and details coming from different fields.

Quality control

Quality control is carried out in compliance with the specifications indicated by the customer, with particular focus on measurements and tolerance, the mechanical performance of the piece and the surface finish. Metalpress laboratory is also equipped to carry out any form of testing or inspection required by the international standards (standard UNI EN ISO 9001-2008).

Tailor-made products

Custom-tailoring bottoms and pressed parts make more efficient our client’s productive processes.

Productive process optimization

The adoption of the Kanban method allows a reduction of the "crossing time" needed to get the product. The latter provides several advantages (reduction of stock, saving space) and accelerates the time to market.